Company Summary

Sorbus Biomedical is a Deep Tech company developing novel disruptive technology to improve the health and value of cells cultivated in the lab. We are looking for seeding of 1.000.000 Euro in Q4 2023 to revolutionize the field by launching a frugal technology which can be used in research, industry, and in healthcare. We intend to bring about a ISO-certified and CE-marked device for market launch in Scandinavia 2024


Customer Need

A common problem while using cultivated cells for research, in the healthcare setting, and for industrial purposes is that cells experience stress, which in turn reduce their function and survival. This is problematic since it severely limits what cells can be used for, which reduce profitability for users of cell cultivation. This stress is caused when cells become exposed to conditions critically different from their natural environment inside the body. Thus, a possibility to mimic the real environment of the body would have a tremendous effect on cultivated cells and their applications.


We have created a novel device, standing apart from competing equipment, that uniquely recreate the natural environment of the body. Thus, we at Sorbus make it possible to cultivate healthier and less stressed cells, which through improved function and value create increased effectiveness and new possibilities.

Healthier cells yields larger outputs from smaller inputs, and provides higher functionality and profitability for multiple user groups across Life Science.  

About us

Sorbus Biomedical is a proud member of SmiLe Incubator, a non-profit business incubator for life science startups, located at the Medicon Village science cluster in Lund, Sweden. We operate our own prototype and testing facility and are sustained by founder resources and soft money.